CFBC has developed a referral program to thank our Distributors for referring others to handle our product line in their businesses. As long as a CFBC Distributor places at least one order in a given month, that Distributor will receive a 10% monthly referral fee or commission on the wholesale purchases of those Distributors that she directly introduces to the company. These CFBC Distributors must show as direct referrals in CFBC’s system. In addition, CFBC will pay 5% on the second referral line and 2% on the third referral line as indicated in the following diagram.

For example: if you referred Jessica to CFBC she would be your 1st Line and you would receive 10% on her purchases as a referral fee. If Jessica refers Britney, then Britney would be your 2nd Line and you would receive 5% on any of her purchases (Jessica would recieve 10% on Britney since she would be her 1st Line). If Britney then referred Megan, she would be your 3rd Line and you would receive 2% on any of Megan’s purchases (Jessica and Briney would make the appropriate referral fees on Megan as well - 10% and 5% respectively). Please refer to the following diagram for further clarification.

For further information on the referral program or to find out what CFBC can do for you, view the CFBC Agreement Form then contact us via email and we'll answer any questions you may have